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What is “brain training”?

Brain training is a program of regular activities purported to maintain or improve one’s cognitive abilities. It is also termed ‘cognitive training’. Cognitive training or brain training claims that cognitive abilities can be improved by performing brain exercises. The brain, just like the body, needs some exercise to function well.

Just knowing about the definition of brain training isn’t enough. It is important to understand the process that lays behind brain training. Let’s learn how to train our brains.


There are plenty of ways to exercise the brain, leading to a healthy mind. Following are some of the techniques which will help your brain exercise and relax.

  • The brain gets a valuable amount of exercise when it’s engaged actively in novel activities like art, dancing, or music.
  • By playing online games or by adhering to a regimen related to completing specific tasks, the brain gets exercised well. Playing video games that need visuospatial reasoning is also a good approach for brain training.
  • It can also exist in activities like cardiovascular fitness training.

It is a soothing and recreational way of treating the brain in a healthy manner, and there are so many advantages tied to it. Some of them are listed below.

Why do we need to train our brains?

It has a lot of potential benefits which are necessary for a healthy mind. Some of them are as follows:

  • The main motive of these activities is to help people get better at basic things like learning or reasoning. This helps them to seize better control at everyday tasks and do better,
  • Some activities help in increasing the attention span of a person. Paying attention is really crucial in our daily life, and thus these activities are a wide and useful approach.
  • Research has found that by training our brain using various exercises, we build a path to a successful life. Our success is dependent on how well our brain works.
  • It has a special impact on aging adults. It makes them more independent as their minds are healthy enough to function properly on their own.
  • We require quite a lot of mental skills to lead a regular life. To perform the basic day-to-day functions, our mind needs to be well prepared. It indulges in sharpening our mental skills like decision making, memory, reaction time, etc, which helps in its smooth functioning.
  • It slows down the cognitive declines that are linked with aging.
How training changes the brain

Source: https://www.kurzweilai.net/leading-brain-training-game-improves-memory-and-attention-better-than-competing-method

All of this is done because training has some physical benefits as well. These include an increase in heart rate, which gradually delivers more oxygen to the brain. It nurtures the hormonal release which provides a suitable environment for the growth of brain cells. Brain training also tends to promote plasticity of the brain by stimulating the growth of new connections which occur between cells in various important cortical areas of the brain. These growth factors make it easier for the brain to grow and develop new neural connections.

Brain training has various advantages on us, but it also has some long-term effects connected to it.

Brain fitness

A new report from the Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly (ACTIVE) study group reveals that the potential benefits of brain training can last for as long as 10 years. Patients who work through their brain via formal training or cognitive activities often are better in their old age than most people. The latest reports on the effects of brain training on school-going children say that the brain training curriculums often come in need when a child enters adulthood. Also, children who are struggling with ADHD or certain disabilities tend to get the most benefits from brain training activities. These improvements made my child in the early years of their life help in developing organized adulthood. Now, we have learned most of the brain training, except for one term ‘brain fitness’, which is well detailed below.

Brain fitness refers to the state of mental well-being that enables a person to indulge in their life properly. Brain fitness is not just about intelligence, instead, it’s the powerful ability of the brain to work effectively and relax in a healthy way. The study of neuropsychology and neuroscience paved a way for brain fitness. Also, brain fitness depends on various mental as well as cognitive abilities like neuroplasticity, neurogenesis, and brain vascularization.

Brain fitness can be accessed by focusing on the kind of lifestyle, by being mentally indulged in everyday tasks, or by formal education, A healthy lifestyle includes habits like proper diet, good sleep, stress management; while on the other hand anxiety, depression, long term stress can lower the brain fitness and also slump down one’s physical health. Other than that, in a physical manner, scientists are learning how to measure brain fitness physically, at cellular and circuit levels. This can be done by studying neurogenesis and the connection of synapses and dendrites between neurons. With the new brain imaging methods, neurotechnology have found out that brain activity results in a certain increase in the blood flow to the parts of the brain which are carrying out the respective tasks, bringing with it oxygen along with nutrients for the cell and contributing to the brain fitness networks involved.

Various athletes in the past as well as in the present exercise their brains regularly, ensuring excellent brain fitness, which enables them to have a healthy lifestyle. Thus, they are a perfect example to follow when it comes to practicing brain training.


Brain training explores ways to enhance mental skills as well as nurture the brain properly. The main aim is to preserve, enhance and restore mental well-being. Brain training can be really fun if it’s done for harmless purposes.

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