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04-Oct-2020 05:00 PM(CEST)

Emotional Vulnerability and Youth – Facebook Live

The youth of today is emotionally vulnerable. They have countless insecurities and low self-esteem because self-worth is always based on the opinion of others. It becomes difficult to accept rejection and failure. It is taken as a failure at everything in life, generalizing it with every aspect of their life. Lets talk about this in our Sunday live with Internaational Youth Council Member, Shalmali Jadhav.

Shalmali Jadhav is the Founder of unique social organization, Empathy For You that works in spreading awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. She is the Founder President at Letters of Empathy wherein letters are written to the people who are depression fighters. She uses storytelling, advocacy and digital media to drive a positive impact.

As an inspiring bath breaker, Shalmali is widely recognized and featured in various social media initiatives, Radiocity and local newspapers. Shalmali is an action oriented leader who believes in leading with Empathy. She is the youngest to be chosen as a Member at International Youth Council by United Nations and now she is the one who is leading the Indian Subcontinent. To her credit, she had been awarded as a Changemaker from YouthLead.org.


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