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17-May-2020 03:00 PM(CEST)

The Significance of Mental Health for Entrepreneurs.

Researchers found that 49% of entrepreneurs surveyed were dealing with at least one mental illness. Hence we would like to conduct this week’s live chat with Leza Klenk. She won the award “Youngest Business Guru in Singapore” at the age of 28, and her story told in a book called “The Lady Boss” published in Singapore bookstores.
Leza Klenk is obsessed with business and entrepreneurship. At age 33, Leza Klenk is a mother of 3 children is the CEO of SC Beauty Network Pte Ltd. SC Beauty is an internet marketing platform with over 20,000 resellers, promoting some of the top brands in the beauty space.
Facebook Live chat with Leza on the 17th of May, at 3 pm CEST.

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