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11-Oct-2020 06:00 PM(CEST)

Unravelling the Mystery behind Consciousness – FB Live

Consciousness is our mind’s subjective experience. We can validate our state of consciousness using Brain waves.  It is considered Beta waves (38 – 15 Hz) are the brainwaves of our waking consciousness. It is responsible for our outward attention, of logical, conscious and analytical thinking.

It is also active when  we critic or comment on our inner-self. It is considered that low frequency beta is activated for an awakened mind, i.e. when thinking feels clear, alert, creative and to the point.

This Sunday we talk to Holly Erin Copeland, who her self  had symptoms of severe mold poisoning, stress and burnout.  She learnt to Rewire her Brain using Meditation and by analysing her brain waves. She uses amazing gamma/theta coupling for an awakened mind. We also talk about how the development of the alpha bridge can be used to move from an overactive default mode network (too much self-referential thinking).

Including learning to focus and calm her mind, and the power of shifting from crazy nonstop thinking beta brain waves. We talk to her about how she changed her pattern of thinking and happiness? How we can have control over that?

How we can set out to change our brainwaves and change our life, She tells it all.

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