Yes, we believe our brain needs to be in different state at different time of the day, and Neuphony can help you with all. You can set your target for each session.

For Example, In the Morning you can set your target Achieving Internal Peace, In the Afternoon as Improve Focus and in the Night as Follow your circadian Rhythm.

Our brain has the ability to structurally change itself irrespective of our age, by forming new neural connections. Neurofeedback uses this ability to teach our brain to self-regulate its functions.

Neuphony brings you the benefits of neurofeedback at the comfort of your home. The headband senses the electrical activity from your brain. Our mobile application, based on the data, recommends you meditation techniques to help you achieve your desired state. Our application also tracks your brain activity during the session and everytime you deviate it sends you an auditory feedback to bring your focus back to meditation. Over sessions, it trains your brain on how to achieve the desired state itself.

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All cognitive states, including stress and anxiety, defines your state of mind. With different cognitive states different patterns in EEG are observed. For example, in stress and anxiety the cingulate cortex is very active and hence we observe higher than normal beta activity in EEG, especially near Default mode network(DMN).

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It only depends on you. We have the capabilities to rewire our brain and the right meditation can help you in achieve your desired state. Once you realize this once there is no turning back, you would always look for ways to improve and Neuphony can be the guiding hand you need.

Fortunately, No it cannot read your thoughts but it can detect if you switched to a different one. Everytime we are not actively focusing on something our brains go into self drive mode where it either starts planning what you would do after this, or what you had planned or any other self-related thought. Different regions of our brain is responsible for attention and self-related thought processes. When you switch from one thought to another the EEG signature changes, which our device can detects.

We have 8 active electrodes located at Fp1, Fp2, F3, F4, Fz, T3, T4, Pz and 2 reference electrodes on Mastoid bones (based International 10-20 system).

Yes, they are Dry electrodes(conductive paste can be used, but not required).
Upon wear and tear the electrodes can be purchased directly from Neuphony website as well in the future.

Yes you definitely can, we provide results in 2 forms –
1. Mobile phone and get real-time auditory feedback and in the end you can export the data to your phone’s memory.
2. Connect to your laptop during the session, it stores the raw data to your hard drive (.edf and .csv format).

We are planning to take orders from other countries in Phase 2 of our launch which is expected to start in April 2021.

We are currently working on mass production of the device, and hence will be shipped Beginning of 2021. You will be notified of any delays well in advance, if any.