When it comes to mental health, we have difficulty confronting the harsh reality of our thoughts and the things which are bothering us. A person who is stressed or is having anxiety cannot understand the reason behind it and hence anxiety attacks are mistaken as random emotional outbursts, or sleeping disorders are mistaken as overthinking.

Confronting these socially unacceptable feelings or impulses, can be frightening, shameful and as described by Jung, “defeat to the ego”. Even when people realize the outbursts or “random behavior” has become more often, seeking help is not easy. Talking to friends and family is not always helpful, as these could also be the reasons causing some amount of stress sub consciously. Everything around us starting from the family, career or social media can result in a lot of self conflict, self doubt and lack of confidence, which can end up making up us anxious.

Eventually all of this makes it difficult for our brain to process our thoughts and make decisions. This is where neurofeedback can help us, it helps in awareness and acceptance of what is going on in our mind.

Around 50% of our time is spent in thoughts and distractions reducing our efficiency. Irrespective of the work and work place, their are many challenges one has to face both personally and professionally which can reduce our efficiency.

How to use Neuphony?

Wear the device during your working hours or whenever you are very overwhelmed with you To-Do List, The device tracks your brain activity and recommends you focus meditation which helps you cut down the noise and focus on your work.  Over a period of 4 to 6 weeks the device will be able to help predict your brain behaviour and also recommend the time of the day when you are most efficient.

Unlock the “Theta state”. Theta brain wave are associated with reduced consciousness and deep meditative state.


Meditation has scientifically validated multiple benefits. Using Neuphony, people can understand the combination of which meditation techniques can help them unlock it. With Neuphony you can track your brain activity and create a custom playlist which challenges and rewards your brain at the same time, making your brain resilient over long term.

An athlete not only has to work on his physical health but also on his mental health or “Flow state”. A Game is as much as mental as physical determination.


Using Neuphony during physical workout is not recommended as movement can cause a lot of noise, but wearing the device before and after the activity will help in analyzing the impact of it on brain and as a result create an efficient workout regime.

For a person who “overthinks” a lot. For some people relaxing is also a task, and to that a difficult one. Your conscious mind can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed with the different tasks you have at hand, and you end up thinking about the work more rather than doing it.

How can Neuphony help?

For people like this it is difficult to not think of work and give brain a rest. The device will help by recommending music and meditation which helps you feel more relaxed (Increased Alpha activity). Relaxation and Sleep are very important for work efficiency, it acts like a reset to your body. Over a period of time your brain learns to relax and take a control over your thoughts.

If a person is having difficulty in sleeping or gets up anxiously in the middle of the night.

How to use Neuphony?

Wear the device for a minimum of 15 minutes before going to bed, the device will track your brain activity and based on it recommend you meditation techniques that would help calm your brain.

Using Neurofeedback you can improve your REM cycle and the deep sleep period. Using it for a period of 4-6 weeks can help develop peaceful sleep habbits, improving your efficiency during the day time.

With old age, slight memory loss is very common. Memory loss is also proportional to stress, irrespective of age, this could include colleague’s names, phone numbers, etc.


As mentioned above, sometimes processing information can become challenging for the brain resulting in memory loss. Neuphony when used regularly over a period of minimum 6-8 weeks, can help in making information processing easier and eventually increasing memory (neuroplasticity).