How To Use Neuphony


Download the Application -

Go to your Google Play Store or Apple app store and search for Neuphony and click Install.


Turn on the device -

On the left of your device click the power button, the LEDs should start blinking also indicating the battery levl of your device.


Pair using Bluetooth -

Open the application and click on "Connect" to pair with your device.


Calibrate -

Put on the device and click on "calibrate". Re-adjust the device until you find all green points on the screen.


Explore Application -

Select any Music/Meditation and click on "add to queue".


Start Meditation -

Click "->" to select the length of your session and then click "start."


Experience Real time auditory feedback -

During Meditation you will experience the volume of music changing, this is the feedback to inform you to avoid any distraction and go back to your meditation. Once it detects that you have let go of the thought completely, it will bring the volume back to normal.


End session and Analyse your insights -

Click on pause button to end the session and view your insights to track your performance.