How Neuphony Help

Follow your circadian rhythm

Quality of Sleep determines how you feel and perform every day, and sleep deprivation can make certain regions of brain take mini naps causing mental lapses and cognitive problems.

By creating a brain map of your cognitive state Neuphony helps you

  • Detach from the outer world.
  • Calm the self-talk.

Our mobile application helps you

  • follow your circadian rhythm.
  • enhances your concentration and energy levels.

Training the concentration muscles

Getting distracted is easy for our mind, all it takes is one stray thought. Distractions eat up so much of our time and mental resources that either we are left feeling overwhelmed or incompetent.

By creating a brain map of your cognitive state Neuphony helps you

  • Identify these distractions, when they happen.
  • Control your attention consciously.

Our Mobile application uses

  • Focus exercises.
  • Real time feedback to help you stay on your point of focus.
  • It’s like going to a mental gym and training the muscles to help you concentrate.

Break the cycle of thoughts and emotions

We are evolved in a way that we are susceptible to self-induced stress. If our brain thinks of a past traumatic experience our body experiences that though that event is happening right now, and anxiety is our body’s response to stress. A bad past experience makes us anxious about an upcoming event.

Neuphony creates a brain map of your cognitive state to help you

  • Identify the emotional triggers.
  • Break the cycle of negative thoughts and feelings feeding off each other.

Our Mobile application offers

  • Mindfulness exercises, which help you observe all your thoughts without getting attached to a particular one.
  • Auditory feedback if you get stuck on a thought and couldn’t let go.

Be boring for a change

With constant bombardment of information and being in a state of overarousal deprives our brain the time to consolidate and enhance our understanding. Being thoughtless is a gift for your mind.

Neuphony creates a brain map of your cognitive state and our mobile application creates a roadmap tailored for your mind to slowly guide and train your brain to take a break.

Feel it in your brain

Have you ever been accused of not showing empathy? Or not being gratuitous to what you have?

Neuphony creates a brain map of your cognitive state to helps you

  • Identify emotional networks in your brain.

Our mobile application helps you.

  • Train the emotional networks in your brain using loving kindness meditation techniques.
  • Make sure you feel the emotion rather than just thinking about them.


Our brain is the most important and complex part of our body. With Neuphony Change the reactive approach towards mental health and start building resilience by being more proactive.


Measure your brain waves using EEG sensors and get real time auditory feedback.


Our brain has the ability to change and grow irrespective of age.


does for your mind, what gym does to our body. Meditation helps rewire your brain.


is a language of emotion, it has the power to change our mood and also our cognitions.

Listen to your Brain

With Neuphony understand your Brain and behavior better. To give you an example, you don’t wait to get diabetic and hence monitor your sugar levels on a daily basis and look for recommendations on how you can modulate can the sugar intake so that you don't reach the situation where you become diabetic.

Similarly, you need to analyze your brain waves to keep a track of your stress and focus levels, so that you don’t reach the point of having mental breakdowns.

A healthy and balanced Brain produces a particular brain wave in a particular region at a particular time, which can be correlated to your stress, sleep, focus, relaxation and any cognition functioning.

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Based on Scientific Research


Scroll over the device

8 EEG sensors over frontal, temporal and peripheral regions
Accelerometer to find your right posture
8 hours battery life (LiPo battery)
Mobile Application coming soon to both Android and Apple store
Connects wirelessely to the application via BLE 4.2
USB type-C Port (cable included)
4 LED's indicating connection status and battery level
1 Headband, multiple users profile in the app

In the Box



Neuphony is dedicated to my sister, Pankhuri. In 2016 she was batting with a rare brain Infection that took her life. During this heartbreaking struggle, I could not comprehend what was going on in her brain why she wasn’t able to speak or move. Bhavya and I conceptualised neuphony for her – our vision is to simplify the human brain for people and provide them with tools to track and improve their mental health so that people finally have the power to control all of this and more in their own hands and so that no one else is in the dark looking for these answers again.


People talk about mental health without understanding that it is truly a biological concept and we have the power to control our brain. Neuroplasticity is a concept which basically means that we have the ability to structurally change our brains and improve our cognitions including memory irrespective of our age. Neurofeedback uses this ability of our brain to self-regulate itself using realtime feedback. Our mission is to combine the benefits of meditation and neurofeedback and that’s how we created Neuphony.


How It Works

1) Download the mobile application form your App store.

2) Switch on the device, place it over your head like a helmet and pair it with the Mobile Application using bluetooth.

3) Sit in a comfortable position with back straight and shoulder relaxed.

4) Connect your Earphones and follow the instructions you hear.

5) Let the mobile application calibrate with device according to your brain.

6) Based on the desired Goal and your current brain state the device will recommend meditation techniques. Select length of your sessions, and click start.

7) On completion, you will here a gong, See how you performed in the mobile application.

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