Unique Attributes

ML Software which recommends brain training regime to achieve the desired state

The Only EEG Headset in the World with 8 Electrodes located in 3 Lobes

Train Your Brain

There’s no such thing as knowing too much, learning so much that you can’t retain any more information (though it can certainly feel that way after sitting through a long meetings). You feel that way because your focus and concentration ability drops, not your ability to store information.

With Neuphony Change the reactive approach towards mental health and start building resilience by being more proactive.


Measure your brain waves using EEG sensors and get real time auditory feedback.


We have the ability to structurally change our brain network through regular practice irrespective of age.


Rewire your brain to gain attention and awareness using different meditation techniques.


There are few things that stimulate the brain the way music does

How Neuphony Helps

Get Quality Sleep

Follow your circadian rhythm.

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Improve Focus

Training the concentration muscles.

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Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Break the cycle of thoughts and emotions.

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Develop Gratitude

Feel it in your brain.

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Achieving Internal Peace

Be boring for a change.

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Self Development

The Subconscious.

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Testimonials -Neu- Impact



Brain activity was monitored during one of my meditation sessions Copy
April 20, 2021

A very good initiative by team Neuphony. I have never had such an amazing experience where my brain activity was monitored during one of my meditation sessions. The device that the team is working on is a very novice idea that will help people monitor their brain waves at home with ease.

Miguel Leonne

Yoga Instructor

Able to stay in a very focused alpha brainwave state for over 75 % of my session.
April 10, 2021

After over 10 years of meditation practice, it was a real surprise to see the results of the EEG Neuphony measurements. I could see I am able to stay in a very focused alpha brainwave state for over 75 % of my meditation. It encourages me to discover more effective ways to enter the states of intuition.

Kunal Joseph

Yoga Instructor

It builds awareness and interest in the inner working of our mind.
April 10, 2021

We are living in an age of instant feedback. The idea and team behind Neuphony are on the path, to help build awareness and interest in the inner working of our mind. A beginner or an experienced meditator, Neuphony will show you how to fine-tune your technique and find what method of meditation works best for you.

Susan lemke


Never really felt completely relaxed, until i tried Neuphony!
April 10, 2021

I’ve been into meditation for 15 years now and thought that I was doing a more or less good job of it. But I never really felt completely relaxed during my meditations and this got confirmed with Neuphony that mindfulness meditation is definitely the meditation that’s more suited to my brain waves.

Tobias Goeppel

Yoga Instructor

Received incredible data insights about my brain activity
April 10, 2021

If you can master your mind, you are able to master your actions, your thoughts and your emotions! With the help of neuphony, I received incredible data insights about my brain activity and how I am able to train it with different techniques. It helped me with my personal and business challenges as well as in my sportive challenges in the ultra-endurance area.