How Can Neuphony Help You?

Get Quality Sleep

Follow your circadian rhythm.

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Improve Focus

Training the concentration muscles.

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Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Break the cycle of thoughts and emotions.

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Develop Gratitude

Feel it in your brain.

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Achieving Internal Peace

Be boring for a change.

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Breaking Habits

the subconscious.

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Our brain is the most important and complex part of our body. With Neuphony Change the reactive approach towards mental health and start building resilience by being more proactive.


Measure your brain waves using EEG sensors and get real time auditory feedback.


Our brain has the ability to change and grow irrespective of age.


does for your mind, what gym does to our body. Meditation helps rewire your brain.


is a language of emotion, it has the power to change our mood and also our cognitions.

Listen to your Brain

With Neuphony understand your Brain and behavior better. To give you an example, you don’t wait to get diabetic and hence monitor your sugar levels on a daily basis and look for recommendations on how you can modulate can the sugar intake so that you don't reach the situation where you become diabetic.

Similarly, you need to analyze your brain waves to keep a track of your stress and focus levels, so that you don’t reach the point of having mental breakdowns.

A healthy and balanced Brain produces a particular brain wave in a particular region at a particular time, which can be correlated to your stress, sleep, focus, relaxation and any cognition functioning.

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Based on Scientific Research



Neuphony is dedicated to my sister, Pankhuri. In 2016 she was batting with a rare brain Infection that took her life. During this heartbreaking struggle, I could not comprehend what was going on in her brain why she wasn’t able to speak or move. Bhavya and I conceptualised neuphony for her – our vision is to simplify the human brain for people and provide them with tools to track and improve their mental health so that people finally have the power to control all of this and more in their own hands and so that no one else is in the dark looking for these answers again.


People talk about mental health without understanding that it is truly a biological concept and we have the power to control our brain. Neuroplasticity is a concept which basically means that we have the ability to structurally change our brains and improve our cognitions including memory irrespective of our age. Neurofeedback uses this ability of our brain to self-regulate itself using realtime feedback. Our mission is to combine the benefits of meditation and neurofeedback and that’s how we created Neuphony.

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